Take the confusion out of deciding what paintball package is best for your event, clear cut pricing with no hidden extras! We can suggest packages to you based on if you are looking for a full or half days paintball session. We never sell packages which will cost you more in the long run.  Whatever your event we will always suggest the best value package based on your requirements.

4 amazing paintball packages for you to choose from.

Sniper Package (100 Paintballs) – The sniper package comes in at £9.99 and is the perfect package for those who want to pay as you play. The first 100 balls included in this package is pre-loaded into your paintball hopper. Extra Paintballs can be purchased on the day at £8 per 100.

Scout Package (300  Paintballs) – The scout package is our best-selling package as it is well suited for half day sessions and is recommend for children’s paintball parties. With 200 paintballs loaded into the hopper on the paintball gun with the additional paintballs loaded into an ammo pack consisting of 2 x 100 paintball pods.

Assault Package (600 Paintballs) – A package which is great value and gives anyone a great start to the day, this package will do a half days paintball no sweat with plenty of balls to put down range.

Rampage Package (1000 Paintballs) – This package doesn’t really need any explanation; this is for those Rambo’s out there who want maximum firepower at great value. This package will comfortably do a full days paintball with ease.

All the above packages can be used on a full or half day of paintball. We do not add confusion by having separate packages for half and full days.

If you run out of paintballs you can buy them throughout the day at £8 per 100. For help or advice on selecting a package just give us a call where we will be happy to help.

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