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Welcome to Laser Combat Dorset, a great alternative to Paintball - No Mess, No Pain, No Masks, Just pure fun for all ages and groups!

Laser tag player aiming his laser tag gun during a session.
Laser Tag Dorset – Laser Combat Sessions in Dorchester 

Laser tag sessions are perfect for those who want the thrill of paintball but without the pain or hassle of having to wear a mask. Our Laser combat equipment is highly advanced utilising systems used by the worlds leading militaries for realistic combat training.

Laser Tag is great for all ages, from young players to old, the excitement and thrill of the game rivals paintball except for the pain factor. Laser Combat stag parties are now just as popular as some of our paintball sessions and hen parties love charging around our woods having a blast!

Our equipment can be configured to many battlefield simulations featuring 3 difficulty and range settings. Easy and medium difficulties are most commonly used but we can enable hard for ultimate realism. This mode features one shot kill, recoil scope effects and the ability for our instructors to send random stoppages/jam commands to weapons to make things interesting.

We do exclusive sessions for children’s birthdays (7+ Years) where we can offer a complete laser tag birthday party package subject to 10 players being booked. We also offer a mobile laser tag service where we can come to your venue and run a session, this is popular with schools, youth clubs and other youth establishments.

Laser tag is as safe as you can get when it comes to combat games, firing harmless infrared beams there is no need for masks which is a relief. Perfect for children’s parties, stag and hen do’s and team building corporate events.

  • No Foggy Masks
  • No Pain or Bruises
  • No Additional Costs
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • No Cheating
  • 99 % Hit Accuracy
  • 200 Meter Range 
  • Easy to use Equipment
  • Realistic Sound Effects

We have 2 types of laser tagger, the MAC 11 for close/medium range skirmishes and the “MP7” for longer range combat engagements. Both feature single shot or fully automatic firing modes so whatever the situation you will have the flexibility to react with the appropriate fire power!

Each gun features integrated head sensors, when you score a hit you will see the other players head band light up. Your tagger will also emit voice feedback confirmation of your well-placed shot. Unlike paintball there can be no cheating in Laser Tag as the system software records hits precisely and accurately, once you are out of lives the equipment automatically disables.

The really cool thing about our kit is that we can customise our laser tag guns with pre-loaded weapon emulations, from bolt action to heavy machine guns!


MAC-11 (SMG)

The MAC-11 tagger is a lightweight versatile sub machine gun a favourite for rapid attack players. The compact design makes this an excellent tagger for close quarter battles when rapid movability and maximum fire power is needed.

Being tough but lightweight the Mac-11 has a solid track record for being dependable and offers exceptional performance during gameplay.


  • Micro Sub Machine Gun (Emulation)
  • Semi or Full Auto Fire Modes 
  • Red Dot Scope 
  • 1.2 kg Weight
  • LED Battle Display – (Shows Games Statistics)

MP7 (Assault SMG)

The legendary “MP7” features a sliding stock, foregrip and selective fire control to help you wreak havoc on your enemies. Telescopic Red dot scope for rapid target engagement at intermediate ranges. Rugged design for compact fire power on the battlefield, a tricky adversary for any opponent.

The MP7 has a range of 200m, is equipped with an internally powered Acog scope and features additional weaver rails for optional attachments.

Whilst heavier than the MAC-11 the “MP7” is an integral part of any team with it’s unique capabilities.


  • Assault Sub Machine Gun (Emulation)
  • Semi or Fully Auto Fire Modes 
  • Acog Red Dot Scope
  • 3 Position Sliding Stock
  • LED Battle Display – (Shows Games Statistics)
Laser Tag Master Controller


The Master Controller allows marshals to control the games in real time. We can start and stop games, re-spawn players back into the game and penalty kill players for those who do not follow the rules!

With this controller, we can referee the whole battlefield and all players.


  •     Respawn (or Reactivate players)
  •     Set Game Timer
  •     Start Games
  •     End Games
  •     Reload Players (IR)
  •     Penalty Kill Players

Medic Box

During gameplay you and your team will suffer casualties as battles rage high, no matter how good a player is at some stage you will find yourself on your last few bars of health.

When a player is eliminated they will have the opportunity to return to their HQ and use their teams medic box to revive to full health. Just simply push the green button and watch with excitement as your combat equipment reenergises before your very eyes!


  • Automatic healing within 2 meters
  • Regeneration Statistics for each team
Laser Tag Player

Our laser tag sessions are 2 hours in duration, there is no additional costs involved. The laser tag guns are set to unlimited ammo so you can blast away to your hearts content.

We play games such as king of the hill, team death match and traditional games like capture the flag at our Dorset site located in Dorchester. Games are run back-to-back in our woodland gamezones, so the combat is intense!

Have any questions about laser tag? – check out our Laser Tag Frequently asked questions page.


Whilst we love paintball, we do enjoy laser tag immensely. When people ask us which is better, we reply with this simple answer….

Paintball will give you more adrenaline purely because of the fear factor of being hit with a ball traveling at 190MPH, but in every other sense laser tag triumphs.  They are both fun and exhilarating activities and we encourage everyone to try both.

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Laser Tag Dorset - Photos

  • Laser Tag team mates watch their flanks during a heated battle.
  • Laser Tag Player in the prone position, with finger on the trigger covering an up hill approach.
  • Blasting the opposing team, this laser tag player has the high ground.
  • Laser Tag player rapid firing his weapon as the opposing team attacks his woodland base.
  • Red Team attacks down the right flank during a laser combat session.
  • A girl aims her laser tag gun in the woods.
  • Caution as a player moves up into the opposing teams territory, gun at the ready.
  • Red Team base camp with battle flag, the base is guarded by a female player.
  • Laser Tag Battle rages in the woods
  • A concealed laser tag player engages the opposing team from afar.
  • A Player aiming and firing her laser tag gun.
  • Laser tag player with gun cautiously looks around cover during a laser combat session.
  • Laser tag player giving commands to his team mate.
  • A member of the red team takes cover behind a tree during laser combat.
  • Player aiming his laser tag gun in the woods.
  • Blue team laser tag player advancing carefully down a hedge row.
  • Player taking cover behind a tree blending in with her woodland surroundings.
  • The MP7 laser tag gun up close about to be firer by a player.
  • Dressed in full camouflage this player is ready to engage any targets with his Laser Tagger.
  • Aiming around a bunker for cover, this laser tag player fires back his gun at the opposing team.

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