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Welcome to Battlefield Live Dorset, a great alternative to Paintball - No Mess, No Pain, No Masks, Just pure fun for all ages and groups!

Laser Tag Dorset – Battlefield Live Dorchester 

Laser tag sessions are perfect for those who want the thrill of paintball but without the pain or having to wear a mask. Our Laser combat equipment is highly advanced utilising systems used by the worlds leading militaries for realistic combat training.

Laser Tag is great for all ages and is perfect for younger players especially kids birthdays and for hen parties. The great thing with laser tag is that it is completely safe as the guns fire a harmless infrared beam. Each gun features integrated head sensors, when you score a kill you will see the other players head band light up confirming a hit. There is no cheating in laser tag as the system software record hits precisely and accurately, once you are out of lives the equipment automatically disables.

We have 2 types of laser taggers, the scorpion for medium range skirmishes and the “Commando” for longer range combat engagements. Both feature change levers for single shot or fully automatic firing modes so whatever the situation you will have the flexibly to react with the appropriate fire power.

Whilst we love paintball, we do enjoy laser tag immensely. When people ask us which is better we reply with the same answer. They are both fun and exhilarating activities, we encourage people to try both at some point.

Laser tag is as safe as you can get when it comes to combat games, firing infrared beams there is no need for masks which is a relief. Perfect for children’s parties, stag and hen parties and corporate events. You also cannot cheat the system making it 100% fair, once your lives have been depleted your tagger will disable and your head band will light up red.

Battlefield Live Dorset – Features

Our laser tag sessions are 2 hours in duration, there is no additional costs involved. The laser tag guns are set to unlimited ammo so you can blast away to your hearts content. Games are run back to back, so the combat is intense!

Have any questions about laser tag? – check out our Laser Tag Frequently asked questions page.

Ages – 7 Years up

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battlefield live Dorset scorpion SMG laser tag gun

Scorpion SMG

The Scorpion is a lightweight versatile sub machine gun, you mess with the Scorpion you are going to get stung! The compact design makes this an excellent tagger for close quarter battles where you need rapid movability and fire power. This weapon is in the Special Compact class of laser taggers and is a favourite for rapid attack infantry.

Being tough and weather resistant the Scorpion has a solid track record for being dependable and offers exceptional performance during combat.


  • Compact Sub Machine Gun
  • Semi or Full Auto Fire Modes 
  • Red Dot Scope 
  • Head Band
  • LED Display – (Shows Ammo and Lives)
battlefield live Dorset commando carbine laser tag gun

Commando Carbine

The “Commando Carbine” features a sliding stock, carry handle and grenade launcher to wreak havoc on your enemies. Red dot scope for rapid target engagement and high-powered battery pack for long range attacks. Rugged bullpup design for compact fire power on the battlefield, a tricky adversary for any opponent.

Whilst more of a heavy class of weapon the “Commando Carbine” is integral part of any squad with it’s unique capabilities.



  • Bullpup Design
  • Semi or Full Auto Fire Modes 
  • Grenade Launcher 
  • Red Dot Scope 
  • LED Display – (Shows Ammo and Lives) 
  • Sliding Stock
battlefield live Dorset master controller laser tag gun


The Master Controller allows marshals to control the games in real time. We can start and stop games, re-spawn players back into the game and penalty kill players for those who do not follow the rules!

With this controller, we can referee the whole battlefield and all players.


  •     Respawn (or Reactivate players)
  •     Set Game Timer
  •     Start Games
  •     End Games
  •     Reload Players (IR)
  •     Penalty Kill Players

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