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At Mega Paintball all our staff are exceptionally trained to the highest standards in the paintball industry. Safety is paramount to us and this is reflected heavily in our staff training programme. All marshals undergo vigorous training at the M-Tech safety academy which sets the highest safety standards when it comes to paintball in the United Kingdom.

Trainee marshals are required to undergo module assessments covering 3 advance levels of competence, if any of the modules are failed then the trainee will be removed from the course. The standards are set high for a reason, we do not compromise when it comes to safety.

All trainee marshals undergo a mandatory enhanced DBS check prior to being accepted onto the training course, if this is failed the applicant is rejected. We work closely with schools and youth clubs so all trainees must have the appropriate DBS clearance.

Trainee marshals cover all core safety procedures and are vigorously tested both mentally and practically at regular intervals throughout the course. First aid training is heavily integrated into the core of the M-Tech training programme. All trainees learn first aid and are required to pass our mock gamezone injury scenarios.

Hospitality is another area which is covered during training. Customer interaction is never overlooked with staff being trained to understand the needs of all customers. We are there to help and assist with exemplary professionalism to ensure that you have an amazing but safe paintball experience with us.

Once basic training is complete our marshals continue their training with additional modules in areas of paintball expertise such as airsmithing, advance armoury skills and supervisor training. We have 4 levels of marshals, each differing in their role and responsibilities.

Level 1 – Trained in core safety and company operational procedures. Our level 1 marshals are competent to run their own teams with in the gamezones.

Level 2 – are assigned as gamezone supervisors, they are trained in advance air-smithing and sales operations.

Level 3 – are assigned as duty managers and are tasked with briefing level 2 marshals with the operations of the day, they also deal with customer administration on the day.

Level 4 – The highest level, with years of experience in the paintball sector all level 4 staff are qualified to run M-tech training modules. They also deal with administration and daily company operations and logistics.

When it comes to paintballing it’s not only the kit which makes your day enjoyable, the staff are integral in keeping you as safe as possible. We are transparent in all aspects of our company and we hope the above information on our staff training will help you in making the right choice when it comes to booking a paintball session at a reputable paintball centre who takes safety seriously.

We have a 100% safety record in the 12 years we have been operating and that is attributed to the training of our staff. Our “M-Tech” training program continues to produce some of the finest most competent paintball marshals in the United Kingdom.



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“Had a great day with the guys at Mega Paintball, looked after us really well and we had an awesome time. Thank you to the team, we’ll be back!”

Sam Howell

“Had an absolute blast at Mega Paintball, the kit was top notch and the marshals really looked after us. We will certainly be planning our next team building event with you!”

James Whitfield

“Played at Mega Paintball and what can I say, from the initial booking right up to arrival on the day the service was excellent! Everyone had a fab time, we will be recommending your services to family and friends”

Josh Richards

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