Beware of agencies and ticket sellers!

When booking a paintball event, we cannot stress how important it is to do your homework first. Whether you choose to book with us or another local Paintball site, our goal in this article is to save you money and prevent you from making a costly mistake of booking with a Paintball agency. It is a mine field out there for the public when it comes to knowing the difference between a Paintball agency and a genuine local Paintball company who operates an actual site in the area. 

What is a local Paintball Company?

A local paintball company is exactly that, a paintball business which owns and operates a paintball site in the area to which they advertise. They have their own staff, own equipment, safety standards and public liability insurance. When you book directly with a local site you will get the best deals and offers available, you will also be supporting a local business.

Why Mega Paintball?

Being 100% independent, Mega Paintball refuses to work with any agencies. We proudly fly under our own banner and that is what makes our brand so strong. We offer the best prices in Dorset with customer service and safety being our No.1 priority.


Always make sure that you book with a local reputable Paintball company who has been established in the area for years.

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