So you want to book a paintball session but you don’t know where to start so you type paintball in your search bar and back come the results. There are 8 paintball companies on the first page so you’re spoiled for choice right?

Well that depends, as 70% of those companies are in fact “Paintball agencies” who do not own sites but just sell packages putting a commission on top. They have a big marketing budget so can often outrank genuine local sites in the area.

These ticket sellers rely on finding a site in the area to represent and then form a partnership. This is a fatal flaw for any site operator as the agency then places their map pointers on the same location of that site.

This in turn causes considerable problems for that site operator as the agency starts to take away direct bookings from that company. People are duped into thinking that the agency is in fact the site operator when they are not.

They serve no purpose and joe public ends up being charged more money than booking directly with the local site.

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