At Mega Paintball we always recommend wearing comfortable clothing that you do not mind getting dirty or soaked with sweat. You are issued with a set of coveralls which will keep most of the dirt and paint at bay but if you get really splattered you might get some leakage onto your cloths below.

Fear not as our paint is water soluble so washes out very easily causing no permanent staining to clothing.

You will be running around a woodland environment, so you are going to want to wear clothing which offers the maximum amount of unhindered movement. Sportswear is a good choice as it has plenty of flex and helps with perspiration. Remember that in the summer months it can get very hot running around in a set of coveralls wearing a mask.

One other piece of advice, the more layers you wear during paintballing the more you will sweat. The more sweat you produce the higher the likely hood of your goggles fogging up.

We strongly recommend boots with ankle support as these will help prevent any ankle injuries should you trip or fall during combat. Although most players turn up in trainers, they are not the best choice as they lack any protective properties. During the winter months it is acceptable to play in wellington boots.

Flip flops and high heals are totally out of the question as these provide no protection to the feet whatsoever and are a trip hazard. If you turn up wearing these we cannot allow you to play on health and safety grounds.

Jewellery should not be worn for paintballing as it could cause injury if it gets snagged on branches, you also could lose it during gameplay.  Ensure jewellery remains at home or placed in our lockers and collected at the end of the session.

You may wish to bring a spare set of clothes to change into at the end of the session, bin bags are also handy for muddy shoes and clothing.

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