Paintball Equipment

We have invested in the very latest paintball equipment so you get to use the best kit available.

paintball equipment which players are issued with

FT12 Paintball Gun: We are the only site in Dorset who used the very latest Tippmann FT12 as our standard site guns. Some sites in the UK charge you the privilege to upgrade to an FT12 but at Mega Paintball you get to use them free of charge!

Air Bottle: This cylinder holds the air needed to propel your paintballs to 275ft a second. The air cylinder is screwed into the rear of your marker and will provide air for approximately 400 shots before a refill is required. We use the latest compressed air technology over inferior Co2 as it gives better shot consistency and performance to the player.

Goggles: Essential piece of protective equipment which will protect your head and face from paintball impacts during your session. Our masks feature ballistic grade lenses, side protection to temples as well as nose and mouth protection. All our goggle systems are CE approved and are checked before every session for any defects. Masks are sanitized after each session.

SnoodOffers padded protection to head and neck, light and breathable mesh means you stay cooler during the most heated games.

Camouflage Coveralls: Disruptive pattern coveralls for maximum camouflage so you can blend into your surroundings seamlessly. These coveralls will help to keep your clothing free of paint and offer padded neck protection. Featuring pockets and split Velcro legs cuffs that slide over your foot ware.

Pot Packs: Pod packs give you the ability to carry your paintballs into combat mounted on your waist for easy access. These pot packs have a 400 round paintball capacity which consists of 4 plastic 100 ball pots for easy reloading.

Bounce Vest: Ultimate protection to the torso area that will defeat any paintball round. Our flak vests will take the kinetic energy out of any rounds that impact you! Adjustable to fit all sizes and discrete enough to be worn under your overalls.

Armoured Gloves: Paintball impacts to the hands can be painful, avoid this by upgrading to our fully armoured gloves!

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