The Armoury

If you wish to upgrade from the standard Tippmann FT-12 then no problem! We boast an impressive armoury of upgrade markers you can choose from. Please note our upgrades are extremely popular so we operate on a first come first served bases. Marker upgrades can be booked online or by phoning our office.

ft 12 paintball marker used at our dorchester paintball site


The Tippmann FT-12 is the backbone marker of our site. Rugged and dependable this marker will serve you well throughout your paintball session. We are the only site in Dorset who use these latest site guns as our standard site marker.


  • Flip-Top design for super-fast maintenance
  • Compact milsim Uzi look
  • Aluminium Receiver – Reduced weight
  • Heavy Duty Barrel
  • Tippmann’s proven inline bolt system
  • Battle Sights
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Tippmann FT50 marker used for our kids paintball sessions


The FT-50 is a lighter version of the FT-12 and fires a smaller .50 calibre paintball which hurts a lot less! If you are booking a kids paintball session then you will have the choice to use this awesome marker. Low impact paintball brings the thrill of adult paintball to junior players.



  • Flip-Top design for super fast maintenance
  • Compact milsim Uzi look
  • Aluminum Receiver – Reduced weight
  • Lower gas consumption
  • Battle Sights
  • Increase ammo capacity hopper
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Bravo one paintball marker upgrade gun


Light, accurate with a 3 position car stock these markers are not to be underestimated ! Heavy duty ported barrel for ultimate long-range accuracy! It’s easy to see why they spread fear and chaos amongst the opposition!


  • Realistic Tactical Look
  • Collapsible 3 position Stock
  • M-16 style shroud, Magazine and Carry Handle.
  • Aluminum Receiver
  • Tippmann’s proven inline bolt system
  • 12″ High Performance Barrel
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Vibe paintball gun which we offer as an upgrade


Tournament grade electro pneumatic marker with micro switch double trigger. These things can fire at an insane rate thanks to a massive double trigger which is operated by a micro switch. The Vibe is small and compact with a fierce reputation!


  • 11 balls per second
  • Electro-pneumatic Design
  • Light Microswitch Trigger
  • Low Bolt Pressure Anti-Chop technology
  • Max-Flo R Vertical Regulator
  • Seal Forward Technology
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Tippmann A5 upgrade paintball gun


Groundbreaking technology at a pull of a trigger! The legendary Tippmann A5 is a beast of a marker which features a cyclone feed system for rapid fire. These bad boys are out fitted with a massive capacity hopper which can take up to 400 paintballs!


  • 15 balls per second!
  • Rear drum Mp5 sight
  • Cyclone Feed System
  • Tactical Fore grip
  • Compact design
  • Large capacity Hopper
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Splatmaster Paintball Gun


Splatmaster Z200 – Pump action shotgun which utilizes spring power instead of compressed air giving a desired low impact velocity of around 140 ft per second. At this velocity the impact is significantly less and is perfect for use during our Splatmaster sessions for younger players aged 8+.


  • Pump Action – Easy to Operate
  • .50 Calibre
  • 15 Shot Tube Magazine
  • Light Weight
  • Iron Sights
  • 1 ball per every 2 seconds!
paintball paint grenade

Paint Grenade:

The mighty paint grenade should be a no brainer whilst battling for control of any position. With the ability to throw a considerable distance these grenades will hit their target with ease. Any unfortunate foe will experience his final moments engulfed in an explosion of bright paint!


  • Latest Generation
  • Loud Bang
  • 10m Splat Radius
  • Realistic Look
  • Easy To Use
  • Biodegradable
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paintball smoke grenade


There are situations on the field when cover fire may not be sufficient to ensure the successful capture of an objective. Our smoke grenades give you the ability to attack your target whilst obscuring the battlefield from enemy view!


  • Rapid Smoke Deployment
  • Strike Ignition
  • Long Burn Time
  • Thick Bright Smoke
  • Easy to Throw
  • Compact Size
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