Corporate Paintball Dorset


Corporate paintball days are the ideal team building solution for any company who is looking for a fun and exciting way to bring work colleagues together. Swapping suits for a set of camouflage overalls, your workforce will venture out into amazing games zones at our Dorchester Paintball centre.

Paintball is a thrilling game which relies heavily on teamwork, encouraging leadership skills and bonding between team members. Courage, leadership, and the ability to develop team communications will be essential to achieve mission goals.

Our epic woodland game zones are the perfect backdrop to your corporate paintballing session as you battle for control of various objectives. You and your team will become a seamless unit working together to coordinate strategies and maneuvers to win victory. You will see who are born leaders as the adrenaline starts to kick in during our exhilarating paintball games!

As a team you will need to formulate careful battle plans if you are to outwit and triumph over the opposition. Capture the flag is a classic paintball game but teamwork will be required if you are to win the game. Victory cannot be won by one man or woman alone, team cooperation is everything!

Paintball team building sessions will enhance and develop team comradery in a fun and safe environment. With specially adapted paintball games for corporate events you will find that teamwork is key when victory hangs in the balance. You will learn to never give up and how to adapt to everchanging situations which you will encounter as a team. With fighting spirit, you and your work colleagues can turn any imminent defeat into a victory!


We have worked with many local companies who have booked their corporate paintball sessions at our Dorchester paintball centre. Our impressive and ever-growing portfolio of returning clients is testimony to the outstanding service we provide.

Exclusive site hire is available for companies who wish to book a private session. This is a bespoke package and is available at an additional cost, contact us for pricing on exclusive private sessions.

Paintballing team building days are a popular choice for company social occasions, promotional events and company Christmas parties. Your staff will have a thrilling paintball experience at our Dorset paintball site.

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Paintball Team Building Photos

  • Red team clearing out the oppositions trench system with their paintball guns, during a battle.
  • Close up of a man firing his paintball marker out of a pill box bunker during a game.
  • A member of the blue team aims over cover to shoot an opposing player with his paintball gun.
  • Two men from the red team repel an attack whilst holding riot shields for protection.
  • Three paintballers holding guns having a break whilst chatting after playing a game of capture the flag.
  • Team photo of paintball players dressed in camouflage overalls posing with paintball guns.
  • Woman lighting a smoke grenade behind a barricade before throwing it.
  • Man with yellow splat to his mask holding up his paintball marker in the woods.
  • Paintball player hiding behind a tree whilst firing his gun across an open field.

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“Had a great day with the guys at Mega Paintball, looked after us really well and we had an awesome time. Thank you to the team, we’ll be back!”

Sam Howell

“Had an absolute blast at Mega Paintball, the kit was top notch and the marshals really looked after us. We will certainly be planning our next team building event with you!”

James Whitfield

“Played at Mega Paintball and what can I say, from the initial booking right up to arrival on the day the service was excellent! Everyone had a fab time, we will be recommending your services to family and friends”

Josh Richards

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