We have an impressive array of paintball pyrotechnics that will enhance your paintballing experience. Smoke grenades are a must for any paintballer who goes into battle. Not only can you use them as a distraction but you can smoke your enemies from their positions.

The most effective role of a smoke grenade is to put down a smoke screen. You can use the vibrant plume to obscure and conceal your advance as you attack! Make your smokes count and remember this tip, check the wind direction first, then throw your grenade to compensate.

Our flash bangs are offensive grenades which are used to stun and disorientate the enemy during frontal assaults on their positions. As you and your team prepare to attack make sure you have a couple of flash bangs at the ready. They are amazingly effective at clearing out trenches and pill boxes going off with a blinding flash and earth-shattering thud!

The mighty paint grenade should be a no brainer whilst battling for control of any position. With the ability to throw a considerable distance our stick grenades will hit their target with ease. Detonating with a loud bang whilst splatting any foe with bright paint!

Please note that only pyrotechnics purchased from Mega Paintball can be used and that the minimum age to purchase and use pyrotechnics is 18 years.

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