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Paintball walk on days at Mega Paintball are filled with fast paced action and nonstop combat in our woodland gamezones. If you have your own paintball kit and are looking for a local friendly site to play at then come join our ranks.

We are paintballers at heart and believe that paintball brings people together and forms strong bonds of camaraderie. Paintball walk on days are jam packed with thrilling scenarios and missions!

Over the years we have had the privilege of meeting paintballers from all walks of life who are still turning up like clockwork for our monthly get together. We have members of all ages from older ballers who still use autocockers to the youngsters who play tournaments.

Our walk on days are growing in popularity and now number around 20 players per walk on event. If you are an individual or part of a team then why not come and have a blast with likeminded ballers. We help local teams grow and offer discounts on paintball equipment purchased with us.

If you are considering paintballing as a hobby but have not got your own kit yet, do not panic as you can always hire some equipment from us. We are a friendly bunch and will point you in the right direction with lots of advice on markers and equipment for the entry level player.

Due to the relaxed playing styles of our walk on days players should be familiar with basic paintball safety procedures. From correct use of barrel socks to mask wearing protocols. We set our standards high within our ranks when safety is concerned, this should all be second nature to most players.

All paintball walk on days are supervised by our marshals, we ask players to ensure that their equipment is in a safe condition for use on our site. Cylinders will be checked for current test certification and all markers will be chronographed before any games commence.

The format of the day is fairly chilled, it’s a fun get together filled with lots of laughs and a variety of different games. At lunch time we fire up the barbie for some hot dogs and burgers. So if you’re an old skool woodsballer, a tactical scenario player or a jazzed up tournament player we all have one thing in common and that’s our love of the game.

You can bring your own paint for a £20 green fee, or you can buy walk on grade paint from us at a discounted price. Our walk on days are held on the last Sunday of the month, pre booking is essential.

Next Walk On - Sun 26th July 2020


Paintball Walk On Photos

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  • Forest fills with green smoke from a smoke grenade.
  • walk on player dressed in camo sits with his paintball gun after being shot during a game.
  • Close up of walk on player with goggles and BT delta elite paintball gun.
  • Paintball sniper dressed in a ghillie suit takes aim over a log barricade.
  • Camouflage paintball player wearing helmet and mask storms the opposition base with his gun.
  • Walk on player with paint splat to his goggles returns fire at enemy team.
  • Two teammates take cover from incoming paintballs whilst preparing an assault.
  • Paintball player with flag he has just captured fires from behind log barricade.
  • Man with paintball gun covered in splats gives the thumps up as he walks into combat.

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a superb day!

“Had a great day with the guys at Mega Paintball, looked after us really well and we had an awesome time. Thank you to the team, we’ll be back!”

Sam Howell

“Had an absolute blast at Mega Paintball, the kit was top notch and the marshals really looked after us. We will certainly be planning our next team building event with you!”

James Whitfield

“Played at Mega Paintball and what can I say, from the initial booking right up to arrival on the day the service was excellent! Everyone had a fab time, we will be recommending your services to family and friends”

Josh Richards

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