Paintball mask safety is the number one thing that every customer should have a good understanding off prior to arriving at our paintball centre. Just like any other outdoor activity there are risks involved and paintballing is no exception.

Thanks to our robust safety protocols and friendly competent staff most of these risks are significantly minimised. The injury statistics for paintballing is surprisingly lower than you might think with the most common injury being a sprained ankle.

However no amount of training or safety protocols can prevent the risk of serious injuries if players decide to act in a reckless manner. We are talking about those mask lifters out there which in a moment of madness lift their masks during mid game. We cannot stress how dangerous this is, a paintball impact to the eye will cause blindness a serious life changing injury.

Our staff have little time for this irresponsible behaviour if we catch anyone doing this they will be excluded immediately from the game for their own personal safety. Thankfully most people have basic common sense and understand that mask lifting is not a clever thing to do.

You can rest easy knowing that you will be issued with the very latest paintball goggle systems in the industry. We use V-force shield field goggles which are CE approved for maximum safety and protection.

All our masks are regularly checked and inspected before every session. We replace our lenses regularly, so you get maximum vision. You will not find a scratched-up mask lens or a mask which has been repaired with tie wraps at our site!

With a 100% safety record in the 12 years we have been operating, Mega Paintball will ensure that you will have a safe and enjoyable paintball session. 

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