Paintballs come in all sizes and grades, from basic field paint to tournament grade. Just like anything in life you get what you pay for and believe me, you can get some terrible paintballs. The lowest grade of paintball is often referred to as “White Box” these are basically factory rejects which have fallen short of quality control measures. Instead of being packed in to branded boxes they are packaged up in white cardboard boxes with no branding and then sold at a discounted rate.

Some sites purchase “White Box” paintballs to maximise their profit margins, putting their greed before their customers enjoyment of the day. Firing white box paintballs which have defects like flat spots on the ball are going to make your session frustrating. Paintballs are not very accurate being fired from a smooth bore barrel, but accuracy is greatly improved when using good quality paint. 

The team at mega paintball are paintballers first and we know how frustrating it can be when you have bad quality paint. We only use paintballs manufactured by “GI Sports” a world leader in paintball development. This grade of recreational paintball is not only amazing quality but is more accurate over other brands.

We also change our paintballs with the seasons to keep you playing without having issues like paintballs braking in your barrel or hopper. Each season has a unique formula to cope with different temperatures of the year. So come rain or shine you will have a fantastic paintball experience with us!

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