At Mega Paintball we offer a fine selection of protective paintball equipment. Ideal for those who would like to have a slightly less painful experience. We have padded bounce vests for the ladies which cover the chest area so paintballs will bounce off causing no pain.

Body armour can also be issued to the youngsters but most prefer to go without for the macho man image. Our body armour can be conveniently placed under or over the top of your coveralls and can be adjusted to fit all sizes.

Armoured gloves come highly recommended as nobody likes taking a paintball to the hand or trigger finger especially in winter! These gloves are specifically manufactured for the paintball industry and feature reinforced palms and plastic armour to the exposed side of the glove.

Gloves can be purchased for £7 per pair or you can use our popular £2 glove hire service. We have all sizes ranging from small to extra-large so every hand will have the opportunity to have protection!

Neck protectors can be purchased if required for £5, they simply Velcro around your neck and provide additional protection from neck shots.

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