The most common question we get asked is “Does paintballing hurt?” To be frank yes it can hurt but it really isn’t that bad. The pain of being shot with a paintball certainly doesn’t distract from the overall thrill and excitement of the game.

In paintballing the buzz of surging adrenaline counter acts the majority of pain from a paintball impact, and whatever pain is experience is pretty short lived. Without a slight fear of being hit, you wouldn’t get the adrenaline buzz which paintball is known for! In fact, some hits are barely noticeable, and you don’t feel the ball break.

Kids paintballing hurts a lot less as we use a smaller low impact paintball compared to the standard .68 paintball which are used in adult sessions.

The game itself is very safe if all the rules are followed as per the safety brief. Yes, you will have some bruises or “Paintball Welts” at the end of the session but most people see this as a reflexion of their bravery throughout the day. It’s funny watching our customers comparing “welts” to see who has the best one at the end of their paintball session.

We do offer free body armour for the ladies which protects the chest area, this padded vest velcros at the side for ease of use. Paintball hits to the hands and fingers are most common, so take advantage of our Armoured gloves which can be hired or purchased when booking online.

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