Paintball mask hygiene is never overlooked at Mega Paintball. Nobody should have to wear a used sweaty paintball mask which somebody else has worn the session before. Disease and bacteria are no joke and that is why at Mega Paintball we take mask cleanliness seriously.

With a robust system of using colour coded wheelie bins for keeping sanitized and clean mask separate, you can be sure that your health and safety is our top priority.

We use green wheelie bins for all clean masks that have undergone sanitation and drying. Players collect their fresh mask from the green bins on their way out to the game zones. At the end of the session all players place their masks into the Red wheelie bins. The Red wheelie bins are then returned to our unit were the masks undergo sanitation and drying ready for the next event. 

The sanitation process consists of an initial blast down of the mask to remove paint, dirt and then each mask is fully submerged in our vat of industrial grade sanitizing fluid. We ensure that all masks are dried before the next event so you will not get any wet straps!

Rest assured that we do not recycle our masks from the session before like some sites have been known to do!

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