Having a good understanding of paintball tactics and strategies will vastly improve the chances of your teams victory over the opposition. Teamwork and working together as one unit will greatly improve your teams combat effectiveness.

Communication between teammates is essential, the battlefield changes by the second and without this skill you could be winning one moment and then losing the next. Shouting out opposition players positions is key as this will alert all team members to incoming threats or weaknesses in the other team’s defence that can be exploited. This will also enable all players on your team to put fire down from different positions increasing the chances of hitting opposing players from different arcs of fire. If the opposing team attacks a flank everyone needs to be aware of the situation so positions can be reinforced and not compromised.

The most important thing during any paintball game is that you should never move without cover fire from team members. Suppression of the opposing team is essential to successfully take ground and to attempt to take a position without cover fire is just suicide. Suppression on opposing players positions will deny them a good frontal view as they duck to take cover at the incoming rounds giving you the best chance possible of a successful assault.

Another tip is to make good use of smoke and paint grenades, more information about them can be found here.

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